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Corey Koehler

Great tips. And for anyone looking to get their feet wet, stop over to my music site http://musicgoat.com/want-to-do-a-guest-post . We are pretty versatile as far as topics go.

Sara Keiths

Great advice, I think people often get stuck on point 3 especially, you see it a lot when you look out for it in music journalism.


I'm an aspiring music journalist and feel I'm really maintaining myself.. I started a month ago and i'm growing, any idea what to do next?

my site is christinereyboldsintra.wordpress.com

I write for rawroots.com
and seatcapital.com

Other magazines have accepted me but it's either not worked out or the writing for free is pointless.

I'm just looking for the next step and need help.

Any advice? Please hit me up?

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