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Connor from HootSuite

Lots of great intel here for people using social in the music industry. Thanks for sharing Solveig!

Lists are such an under-used feature of HootSuite and Twitter in general for that matter. The ability to segment people into different buckets saves a ton of time for us here at HootSuite.

Definitely give instagram a spin - it's great to be able to comment, and like in-dash.

Thanks for writing such a great article. I'll be bookmarking and showing this to some of our users in the music industry.

Hoot on!

-Connor from HootSuite


Perhaps there's a reason why Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes invested in Chirpify as well - to help artists monetize directly in-stream in social media.

Chris Seth Jackson

Thanks for the link-love, Solveig!

I also love HootSuite's "Hootlet" which is a browser extension to automatically add what you're reading to HootSuite.

And, HootSuite's new "auto-schedule" feature is awesome! It spreads out your tweets auto-magically throughout the day so you don't overload your followers.

See What I See

Thanks for sharing the knowledge! Have been using Hootsuite for a second and am always keen to learn how to leverage it for music and e-marketing.
Really love the search function to find out about new stuff online.


My pleasure, Connor! I'm glad you liked it.


Great additions, Chris. The Hootlet is one of those great little apps you forget is there because you use it all the time! I've been using auto-schedule, too, although I am not clear what the algorithm is (is it generic or personalized?) But Hootsuite is a great tool with some super features.


Great, glad you like it so far - there's a lot to explore.


Interesting thought. Certainly Chirpify has a lot of growth potential - and has some very visible users in artists like Amanda Palmer. Artists need tools like Hootsuite and Chirpify to both identify and market to their fans online.

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