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Josiah Burrow

Number 8 - LOL. So true.


Very true tips! I am one of those PR/Mgmt people looking to scout out and meet the new up and coming talent. I wait in lines to find the word on the street many times rather than VIP it to the front. It is a great way to connect with the next superstar!!


Great tips @koshadillz! As an image consultant for recording artists, I especially agree with #'s 4 & 5.


Love #7. One can never go wrong with a mindset of generosity.

kosha dillz

thanks guys!!! please come say hey to me at SXSW!!!

@koshadillz / www.oyveysxsw2013.eventbrite.com

kosha dillz

thanks yall!!

feel free to email me in regards to my events!!


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