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James Moore

Excellent piece, especially the points about not following a rigid plan, and mainly focusing on individuals and interactions over target markets. Most artists intend to "blast" the top music blogs and festivals/etc, but they certainly don't intend to take the effort to start a conversation with any individuals who may have influence in those areas. It's just not on the agenda, because they want to leap from the ground to the mountain peak.

Thanks for the piece!

Terrance Schemansky

Yes, and this is something a band manager could certainly use. Unfortunately, most musicians will not take the time to read this because they are not marketers, they are musicians! I don't mean to sound harsh, but point out the need for managers, promoters, and business minded people who are there to assist musicians. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. By focusing on strengths, musicians can get further ahead faster. I should also mention, that it usually helps to also have a business minded band member!

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