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So are all these going to happen or are you just speculating?

Alain Pernot

Yeah like Wes said?

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i have more more speculation


I thought they tried this with Ping?

A Facebook User

Can cloud based streaming services like Spotify be profitable and healthy for musicians, songwriters and the music industry?


They tried the social network thing with Ping, and it was a complete and absolute failure. Nobody cared...

See What I See

Spotify is already up and running and integrated in the world's biggest social network: Facebook. Plus you got apps like Sounddrop where you can join or create rooms and enjoy music together. Plus you are able to purchase music as well. Looks like a tough one for Apple?!


What a horrible application of a proximity network. If proximity networks failed badly in the form of the “Color Social Network”, then what on earth makes Apple think people will receive a music based version of the same concept? Music taste is more about headspace than the physical location of your body, and headspace is determined by a complex cocktail of social and psychological variables, yes location is also one of those variables, but its influence on the equation is the least.

Christine Rose Infanger

Not really; Ping merely allowed you to follow artists you like and share what you were listening to with your followers. It was rudimentary, at best.

Christine Rose Infanger

This isn't what Apple is actually planning, it's speculation on the part of the writer.

Christine Rose Infanger

Because Ping didn't do anything, from a functionality perspective.
If Apple wants to be a viable contender in streaming, not to mention social media, I think they definitely learned what NOT to do.

Ian Bruce

Thanks, very interesting post, although I question this whole approach. In fact, Apple's strategy around social media is something of a mystery.


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