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Found 6 Backplane sites: 3 music, 2 communities, 1 brand. ( in order of being ready/relaunch? )

LittleMonsters https://littlemonsters.com/

The Bible Series https://community.bibleseries.tv/

Feel The Love http://feelthelove.ornishspectrum.com/

Paradise City https://paradisecity.com/

Church of Noise http://therealchurchofnoise.com/

Conde' Nast http://www.fingerprintscn.com/

Clyde Smith

Nice. Thanks!

Do you have an inside line or do you have a technique for finding these?


More on Backplane - Post #1.

Feel the Love -


Takes you to the home page for Dr. Ornish's Health and Dieting regimens. There are 2 links to the Backplane community site.

Here's a sample:

The Bible Series -


Takes you to the home page for 'The Bible' mini-series; a 10 hour documentary that will debut on the History Channel in two weeks, March 3, in weekly installments. Several links to the Backplane community. Looks like Backplane has created their own social icon, similar to Facebook, but using a lower case "b" on a red background. This community would have short life - just 5 weeks.

Here's a sample:

I like the both of these projects since they are not music based, as is Little Monsters.


More on Backplane - Post #2.

Paradise City - invite mode' since December

Here's a sample:

Church of Noise - 'invite mode' for 2 weeks

Here's a sample:

'invite mode' = On BP + limited fans

Fingerprints -

Work in progress.
Detached from main site.
No Backplane activity.

Main Site:

Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamor, Wired, and others.

Lady Gaga many covers + photoshoots.
Troy Carter, Gaga's manager, cover of Wired.
BP raised Series A funding << Conde Nast.
Either a single upgrade, or Fingerprints is
a beta-test before doing other mags??


No Facebook, No Twitter.
Logged on to nothing.

Google Search, same problem.

Try Yahoo! Enter:

Backplane Request an invite

Clyde Smith

I am not worthy!

Nice work.

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