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Corey Tate - www.spacelab.tv

I agree about Bjork not having a deep connection via social media, plus the idea of an older album being ported over to Android as a low key issue for people, but I think that it happened for one main reason: the public perception of Kickstarter is that it's bootstrapping operation. The people that win the day are the underdogs.

Chris Greene

Amanda Palmer may have "done Kickstarter right," but she's hardly a glowing example of how to interact with fans - and fellow musicians.


Sybil A.

I don't care if anyone thinks it's "democracy" and "they have the right to do it"....The 99% are sick and tired of the super-rich controlling how our money is taxed and distributed in ways that benefit them even more. Meanwhile, the rest of us are left starving, without basic healthcare and education, fighting each other over the scraps that are left.

Why they hell should I EVER give ANY of my hard-earned money to someone who's far richer than I'll ever be? If it's about "exposure", well, I'm sure they can afford to hire someone to work social media for them. Or just be rude to their fans, overdose on drugs or make a porn video to gain notoriety.

There IS one useful aspect to the rich & famous using Kickstarter -- if they have a REALLY dumb idea, the public will let them know...with a resounding silence.

James Moore

Great post, Mike. I think that we're going through a phase as well where we're intensely interested in new music and distribution technologies, and these can go a long way, but perhaps the artistic momentum, or the heart/soul of this particular project, just didn't hold it together. It's easy to forget that it needs to be absolutely compelling on a human level.

Nice work simplifying the public's perception of crowd funding - I think you're right there. If they feel it's valuable, they'll support it. If not, they won't. Bickering won't really help that!


I think that my kickstarter was successful because it was already my full time job.
Bjork was known for her music and not her hustle. Kickstarter is a full-time job and if she doesn't do it full-time, she doesn't understand how it will work. if she was on face-book and twitter all day, it would work.

Mark Davis

I just came across this post because I had heard about Bjork's Kickstarter campaign at its outset but hadn't heard what became of it. Just a comment on the title: this is a thoughtful, well written piece that covers a lot of interesting issues, but I almost skipped reading it because "It Was Lame" just sounded like hater-speak. This article deserves a better title.

Martin Gaines

Yep, you nailed it

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