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More good stuff!


The Metalluminati

If only record labels indeed DID try to honestly approach business in the Digital Age rather than attempt it to subvert it back to the exploitative ways of yore.

Bigg Homiee Locc Dogg

I dont know what this article is about. Either its about the corruption and greed in the music biz, or a certain bands lack of promotional skill...


We have the creative minds to solve this problem...but we've been sleep walking!

The artists ARE the power. We need to be working with each other.


I have one thing to say:


check it out.

Shannon Kennedy

Great article! I agree that artists and performers should take more responsibility for the success of their careers and their shows.

And we definitely need to be more proactive, and release music more often rather than waiting years between albums.

Richard Patterson

To me, the music industry isn't an industry. Industries employ people and helps people to get ahead in the world. With music big as the auto industry and Pro sports,I can't understand what's wrong with them!!!!The music industry is sayin' "If U don't know nobody that works here, U not gettin' in"!!!! That is disgraceful!!!! Every big industry in America, is suppose to have a employment office. This has to change!!!!

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