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Seth Keller

Good tip on Lee Martin, Clyde. Briefly checked out his site. Looks like an interesting dude.

Clyde Smith



Thank you so much for the coverage Clyde. It's really important that artists realize these two issues because they truly ruined what we were trying to achieve with that announce.

Clyde Smith

Yeah, it's strange that they don't just write it down.

My "back in the day" experience of navigating the grumpy waters of tech forums taught me a lot but they were always really upfront about the rules. Sometimes it felt like a little much but once you adjusted it wasn't that big a deal to stay on topic and post your stuff in the right category.

But having rules like this that are so damaging and so clear cut yet kept secret is totally bizarre and somewhat totalitarian.


Oh god, I totally agree. I use to run the same sort of ship when I managed The Comatorium, but it worked. Reddit is weird though because there are site-wide policies, sub-reddit specific rules, and then whatever the hell the mods want to do.

Clyde Smith

Pulled my last comment cause it took things in the wrong direction.

I did not realize Reddit was that convoluted.

It sounds like an empire of petty fiefdoms.

Some people can handle power gracefully but mostly it seems to corrupt them even at the pettiest of levels.

It's kind of like positioning. It's not what you say you are but what you actually do that defines your positioning.


Well it's the internet, so there's that. You just gotta roll with it and try to make it work to the best of your ability.

Clyde Smith

It's the whole damn world, son. You know that!

And, yeah, we have to make the best of it.


I think the lack of obvious rules is part of the culture. Reddit is one of those places you have to visit for an extended period of time to pick up on weird things like the bit.ly rule. And even then, it's still easy to miss. It's part of being a "real" Redditor. That's the vibe I'm getting, at least.

Anyone can google what AMA and TIL stands for. But it takes a while to pick up on memes, community habits, and the way they do things there.

Good job adjusting though, Lee! Looking forward to following your other projects.


rollin with it's the only way to do it...


Definitely. You really need to become part of it, to understand it. Thanks!

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