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I hope this brings back the indies to the service.


I was a longtime eMusic subscriber who dropped it for Spotify about a year ago. If eMusic launched a streaming plan, I would strongly consider switching back due to their strong editorial/curation. I think there's room in the streaming world for a service with a more artist-oriented focus. I'm just not interested in buying individual files anymore.

Bruce Houghton

Thanks to you both for your comments. I always thought indies were what made eMusic special. Sadly most fans don't care what label its on and eMusic had to compromise to bring in the majors.


They pretty much lost their core clientele when they switched from the cheap indie-label focused subscription model to an iTunes wannabe. I would be surprised they are around a year from now.




The little indie they still have left is ok, but they need streaming badly. With no streaming options i'll just use something else.


Personally over the years I've probably used Emusic the most over other services. But as a musician, I still get over twice as many sales from iTunes, with Amazon coming in second. As someone who really likes Emusic and has subscribed for years I think it would be great if this gives them a boost, but I think it could be a bit late as streaming takes hold. As was mentioned in a previous comment, if they don't add a streaming option they may not only lose potential new users, but their current base could move on.


With various purchase options available through a few keystrokes on any browser, what's made eMusic attractive to me over the years has been their pricing. I've purchased 98% of my music through eMusic. Even going so far as to simply not buy music if it wasn't on eMusic.

If Emusic's pricing becomes the same as iTunes and Amazon, then my incentive for using them disappears. Furthermore, their website is pretty buggy and surprising slow at times. If you take away their reduced prices then shopping through Amazon or iTunes because preferable simply because of their interface.


I've been an eMusic subscriber for years and have used it exclusively for my music purchases. The main draw for me has been the price and the ability to find new music easily, but if they're now going to charge the same as everyone else, what's the point. I hope this move draws them some new customers, but it's going to lose them some long-time users like me.


No, it would be easier to switch to iTunes. coast the same no!



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