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That's great and all, but it makes the conspiracy theorist in me wonder if it was a mistake... Or is it being adjusted because of the backlash?

Either way. Even if it was an innocent mistake, how many page owners are now at the point of being "over" Facebook as a marketing tool because of the inability to reach fans without being extorted? It seems to me that the level of frustration caused by this bait and switch has made most small/mid-level artists move on from relying on Facebook for anything of substance.

Clyde Smith

I know what you mean on all counts.

Objectively speaking there's no reason to take their word on anything, no matter how monotonous the delivery.

And though I have somebody who took over official stewardship of my small fry pages for various personal blogs, it created an atmosphere that lasted long enough to encourage me to kill my public FB account.

If I had been dependent on my FB pages as a core marketing resource, I would have been focused on alternatives for a few months now. And once you make such a shift, it's a powerful disincentive to return to the previous approach.

Doug Bell

The research have shown this is happening from November 2012, the admin of Facebook page hasn't noticed this changes.


mistake, my ass. they just happened to have a glitch that under-reports the reach of fb posts right as they're trying to get people to pay for more reach. if you believe that, i have a nice bridge in brooklyn to sell you.

Matthew Match Ray

In other words- they're full of crap, and they're REALLY reaching for viable commerciality. Being the entity they are, they think that they can cover their assets in jargon, but, in reality they are just backpedaling & hoping no one notices.

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