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Undoubtedly that is a super-duper presentation. You will be glad to know that just minute ago i was read your whole post. It's entirely best performance. I seem, A lot of people will choice your post.


Soundclound is fabulous, but I can't always find all the music that I want to download on it. If you have the same problem somethimes, you can try to use torchbrowser. It works well for me! Thanks for the cool review


Like-gating on Dropify is not free. http://dropify.com/pricing And, the Dropify link on SC redirects the user away from the artist content to the Dropify site. Why would I pay $10/mo for such limited features over Topspin?

soundcloud promotion

Great share!


Topspin is weak imo! It's really buggy and doesn't offer the open graph integration that you get with Dropify. I am happy to pay $9 for the new fans I am getting.

state of psychosis

hi there!

If you guys want to increase your following on soundcloud here's the best way:


it's a FREE soundcloud promotion site

by using this, when you comment on other people's songs, you earn comments back.
Plus it's just a great community to learn and grow.
tons of people on there to teach you about music business and everything else to do with it :)
it's a live chat so you'll end up getting help a lot faster and a lot more thoroughly than you would on a forum.

There are tons of other perks to like how if your tracks rate well, you get rated on the top list called fiercebark.. people have gotten signed to labels after ranking high!

eventually ck will cover everything to do with it so get in now while the site is still growing so you'll be a guru user by the time it becomes ridiculously huge. it's already bigger than all the music forums, but small compared to how fast it's growing ;)

here's the link again


hope to see you all on there ;)
we can all use all the help we can get


Bullshit article its not free!!!!!

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