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I have a the free Spotify version and am pretty sure I stream way over 10 hours a month...Not sure about that fact.


Actually Wes, according to Spotify's Support blog, you are limited to 2.5 hrs per week.. http://support.spotify.com/uk/learn-more/faq/#/article/How-much-music-can-be-played-using-Spotify-Free


Actually you're both right :)

Free Spotify is unlimited in the US, limited otherwise.


In spotify is more difficult to find the artist, specially if its an indie artists. I am in both and I can easily find me on pandora. Spotify, doesn't show me as an artist unless I type the name of my album. Even then it takes ages to generate a radio station based on me. Pandora is quick and easy. I also like the fact that no just anyone can get on pandora, they review your music, and have curators, spotify doesn't. So for those two reasons I like pandora better. On the other hand if spotify, made it easier to find artists, and easier to create radio stations, I would love to try it. Im still trying to figure this thing out. I have a Driod, with their app. Ill update later.


Thank you!

Excellent infographic. I found that it went a long way towards helping me make a decision.

My only quible is the lack of specificity regarding the type of ad, I.e. display screen only or audio which is (I suspect) a deal breaker for many listeners.

Daniel in Parrish, FL


Where can I find out why I give a thumbs up and add a song to playlist and when I go to playlist and tap the song I want to here it gives me several other songs and not the song I want. Is there instructions on how this works I can't find anything. Ty


Do I have to use Facebook to access Spotify

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