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Fantastic, interesting and helpful post! I'm considering doing a similar thing with a cover I recently recorded and was curious about how to go about it legally. Thanks for this!


Awesome post, Solveig! Thanks for continuing pass along such great material \m/


Very useful, real-life experience is always better than a theoretical analysis of the process. Thanks for posting.

Chick Factor

Thanks for the informative article. Did you have to pay Universal anything for the youtube license?


Great post. Thanks for taking the time to share this.

Paul Battaglia

Is it possible to obtain just the instrumental track to a song from 1968? I want to record singing in another language over the original instrumental and add video.


Hey Chick - Thanks for the question. I did not have to pay Universal anything for the license. It's important to note, however, that I made it clear to them that I am not looking to make any money from this video.


Thanks for the informative post!

 joseph nicoletti consulting-promotions

if you did not pay the reg fee for this lic, someone dropped the ball at universal.. I'd keep it to yourself !, these companies always have a 'fee'.. thedy have no way of knowning 'what' you'll do with it,..any questions feel free to call : Joseph Nicoletti Consulting-Promotions office 949-715-5382 California-USA


Hi made a cover vesrion in spanish of teh song "Stereo Hearts" how does this worjk? the samw way that you mentioned it?


Hi Solveig,

It was very interesting reading your story.
Here is mine: One quite popular British band wants to do a cover or my original song(which I posted on youtube), and use it in their new album, and play live. I have a European copyright on the song. How can I protect my rights and get my financial part from their use, allowing them to do a cover on my song?

Thank you very much in advance



What should I do if a publisher refuses to licence me a song because they want more money? But refuse to actually tell me how much?


Find another song

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