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Every one of those artists get airplay on the radio (the least of which Arcade Fire). How Indy do you think they are? I'm also pretty sure if I looked it up that their "Indy" labels are owned or affiliated with the big boys and enjoy some if the benefits if their connections and marketing muscle. So basically "Indy" has replaced the term Alternative and DIY has replaced Indy, so please stop acting like its an amazing thing that "Indy" artists picked up so many awards.



Concord Music Group (an "Indie" label) is owned by Village Roadshow (publicly traded company based in Australia). VR had $1.2 billion in revenue last year, and Concord has a distribution deal with Universal.

Indie? Really?

--Scott Founder/ D.I.-Why
(an indie (?) marketing company)


Chancius there is an Indie community out there trying to break through all the disinfo about both the state of the business and the direction it's heading. BTW folks the problem/solution is who's the distributor and who is really backstopping them.

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