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Emily Smith

The Independent music scene is continually getting bigger, with emerging artists gaining exposure over a number of platforms, and at Peoplefund.it we love finding great acts from beneath the wood work. One of our latest music–based projects to get funded are RiverMouth who asked for £350 to make a video for their latest single; Man Flu.

Musicians are continually trying to get heard and crowdfunding seems to be the latest way to do this. Crowdfunding websites are a great platform for testing out your sound as you get your latest video, single or gig funded whilst gaining a massive fan base. What could be better?

We are keen to continue working with musicians and getting their projects funded. Email us now info@peoplefund.it


Juan Mario Inca

Very cool Clyde, thanks for this.

It's really not surprising to me that crowdfunding is taking off in general, or specifically for music, since it gives people more choice, and I'd think that people generally will always choose more choice over less choice.

Also, recently I've run across some really cool research that talks about Crowds and crowd models in a really interesting, and I think powerful way. Nonetheless, if you're interested it's called "The Theory of Crowd Capital" and you can download it here:


Clyde Smith

I have been trying to keep up with such research related to crowdfunding though often that just means I file it away for future reference.

There are actually a number of papers related to crowdfunding on SSRN but I had not run across this one.


Clyde Smith

Emily, this kind of borders on the spammy. I deleted a more clear cut case but since you at least attempted to add some commentary, I'm leaving this up.

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