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Someone sounds a bit miffed that they didn't CC Hypebot on the press release... And if that's not the case, why come down so hard on them so soon?

Clyde Smith

lol! I could care less about getting the release. If I'd gotten it and covered them at face value, then I'd look like all the other suckers. So I'm glad I didn't see it.

I don't need corporate access to do my job.

Why so hard so soon? (uhh, that sounds weird)

First looks are key and when you claim to be professionals and drop the ball like this, it's a bad look.

But projecting emotions on people is not a good look either. Try to focus on what you can verify rather than your suppositions about psychological motivations. That doesn't seem to be your strong point.


Fair enough about not caring about receiving the release, but I didn't ask for any advice.

Anyways, I sense an Internet argument brewing here, so I'm going to bow out of this one. : )

Clyde Smith

You only have to bow out cause you stepped back in.

If you start an exchange with a personal jab sometimes you get jabbed back.

And that's just stating the obvious.

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