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Good stuff.

Charles Alexander

This...Is...SEXY. One of the best posts ever here...

Jonathan Jaeger

The Wikipedia insight is especially interesting -- not something easy to think about right off the bat, but it makes sense.



this is where Hu's conclusions are Flawed. it is not "in conjunction with his appearance on an award show," it is BECAUSE of his appearance on an award show that so many people went to youtube to see his new video. we see this same phenomenon in radio, which is still by far the #1 way that people listen to music in their car. they hear a new song and when they get to work or back home they do more extensive listening on youtube. but the music discovery does NOT happen at youtube. it happens from radio, or in this case, tv, and then people listen more to an artist they like at youtube.

Catherine Hol

@mason - I'm sure you're right ... of course, the dates / data will prove which happened first. But I guess your point is that 'traditional' or 'earned' media still drives music discovery, and that Youtube is the go-to destination for checking music out.

Thorin Scott

GREAT article! Anytime an "insider" shares info about how the execs figure out who to sign/not sign and for how much is a BIG help.

I always thought Facebook "Likes" were something that would be taken into consideration. I'm glad I read this before I put too much time into working it!

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