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Steven Cravis

I'd like to see it go international, beyond USA and Australia!


Actually that is, for the first time since August, zero growth in Listener Hours and negative growth in Active Listeners. For December 2012 Pandora had:
Listen Hours: 1.39 billion
Active Listeners: 67.1 million

So month-month growth rate to January is:

(Jan-Dec)/Dec * 100
Listen Hours: (1.39-1.39)/1.39 * 100 = 0
Active Listeners: (65.6-67.1)/67.1 * 100 = -2.24%

Year/Year seems more impressive and it is post-holiday boom but quite an absolute drop in active listeners (1.5 million fewer users), indicating they may have a real problem with user retention.


Correction: since June 2012, when they had -6.52% Active Listener change at the beginning of Summer Vacation.

Bruce Houghton

You are correct, while these are big numbers, I should have done a better job of at least portraying tehem as flight or slightly declining.

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