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haha! this is awesome.


I am actually a fan of Richard Marx's music from the 80s to the mid-90s - especially songs like "Hazard" and "Silent Scream". The only track of his I've liked in recent years is "Part of me". It is a shame he felt then need to send that e-mail. I figured he was above all of this. I wonder why he feels the need to chase after his critics. It is a shame he is getting press for the wrong reasons. He's a supremely talented songwriter.

edwin garcia

So richard marx is pulling a kevin smith from jay and silent bob strike back... and it's just even more funny that people on the internet are so afraid of richard marx!

Ayana A

While I'm not going to defend Marx lashing out. I think people need to understand what it must be like to be made the butt of so many jokes for 20 years, while trying to earn a living doing the only thing you ever wanted to do. If you're not an artist, you really can't understand just how hard it is to be in the industry, let alone stay in it for as long as Marx has tried to keep his career going. So when you have young kids online that don't even know who you are or were posting things everywhere about you; in some it would bring out a defensive nature. But in this world we call the internet, it seems in many ways, all we come here to do it try to drag everyone else down and very little to respect what may have been achieved even if it was in a time before you could remember...


I think you have some growing up to do. I can understand Marx' frustration with bullies like you as well.


This is a ridiculously wasteful piece of blogging. People, like yourself, should learn to shut up.


It sounds like Marx's is just sick of Trolls. Marx has a point when he says that the internet is a breeding ground for chicken shits and cowards because it is. What's wrong with him getting confrontational with some of these chickenshits?

He even said "Mock or belittle my music all day long? Go for it. You’re entitled to your opinion. But disparage or call into question my character, and I’ll demand you answer for it".

I never really cared for his music (Thought it was wimpy). But personally I think he's badass for doing this.....Maybe I need to start listening to him.

Robyn Hanks

I applaud Marx for defending his character. It is easy to say things when you think they won't be challenged and our internet helps create a society where it is acceptable to make comments about people without regard for truth or harm.

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