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Sentric-music-logoSentric Music's Simon Pursehouse recently posted his "idiot’s guide to landing a sync deal in 9 steps." But you don't have to be an idiot to benefit from his wisdom acquired through "years of mollycoddling sync agents and music supervisors." He also shares a number of links to "extra reading" if you want to develop a deeper understanding of the process.

Simon Pursehouse is Sentric Music's head of Synchronisation & Licensing. Fancy title for a man who seems inclined to mock the gravity of the stakes at hand.

Apparently he's sharing these tips in order to reduce the number of clueless musicians who come to him with music they consider "syncable" yet who are "guilty of mistakes so silly they make the Chuckle Brothers appear like MENSA hopefuls."

But don't be put off by his tough love cause he clearly knows whereof he speaks.

9 Step Guide To Landing A Sync Deal

1) Get your product up to scratch & apply self censorship

2) Have instrumentals at your disposal

3) Get your metadata right

4) Know your rights... Or at least who has them

5) Research the right people to approach

6) Get your first impression perfect, it’s the biggest hurdle of them all

7) Sell yourself by telling me why other people who are more established than you, like you

8) Be patient

9) Once you’ve landed the sync – milk it for all it’s worth

In a separate post Simon Pursehouse shares two different examples of artists who did the right things to amplify their sync deals for maximum exposure and career growth with tips on doing the same.

Via Buzzsonic.


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