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wow. who do i speak to around here to get my five minutes back.


A little proofreading goes a long way, guys. This thing is riddled with typos.


Radio is still relevant?


...and the point of this article is?

Robin Davey

maybe the point is because people like you just don't get it?

Robin Davey

I don't think so, but you can point them out if you want.

Robin Davey

Currently yes it is. Wether it will be in a year who knows. But the point was that even if radio is not relevant, it is replaced by something that operates in the same way.

Megan Jean

I think this was actually spot on. Of course, what do I know. I haven't have a day job in 5 years, play 200 shows a year with no booking agent, and grossed over 6 figures last year. The only piece that's been missing has been PR. We haven't had the money for it. Now that we've done all the hard work, those first 5 years of finding your sound and your circuit and your strength, those are over. PR only works if there's a good product to back it up. Talent only rises to the top when it works for it. Did I learn anything from this piece that I didn't already know? Not really, but it did reinforce what I know to be true.

Fluffy Combs

This post reads like it was written by a sixth-grader.

A a r o n

I am no measure of musician or word-smith so ... Just that if you've tried through watching the movie Sin City first: you're writing is become more seedy American-style. (whether if that's the intention I see nothing wrong that way). I'll be more thankful and without these staggeringly cyclopic remarks if things don't lose momentum. -peace bro, for next-time.

Jake Weirson

Almost everything you write sounds like it's coming from the "bitter musician" point of view, if I was an aspiring artist and I read your articles on a regular basis I'd become jaded.

James Moore

Hi Robin, I enjoyed the post and the main point about simply saving up money is needed in a time when this is counter-intuitive to most artists.

You're painting quite the horrific picture of "industry types", though, who seem to want to just feed off the profits of artists. But why do they exist? Because artists don't want to promote themselves generally. That's a fact. They exist because artists, rightfully so, in many cases want to outsource.

Most artists don't have the DIY spirit to take it all the way and be like Henry Rollins, being their own publicist, manager, etc. If you hire someone and they rip you off, of course, that reflects on them, but to paint the industry in this way is inaccurate.

Robin Davey

James, my comments on the industry were a little tongue in cheek. My main point was that no matter how the industry changes there will always be gate keepers who require money for access. That is just the reality, even if you are completely DIY - and with a little research you may find my position to be similar to that, you still have to have money to gain momentum in certain areas.

Robin Davey

Not bitter - I have no reason to be bitter - I am just sharing experiences and perspective on the reality musicians like myself face.


There has to be a solution that eliminates gatekeepers. The internet itself has eliminated certain obstacles for entrepreneurs. There is more access to information than ever. With focus and vision a solution can be found.

I just can't agree that there will always be gatekeepers. What if artists themselves took charge of their careers in all aspects. What if artists banded together to create a platform to distribute that they themselves own.

What if more musicians became entrepreneurs?

I don't have answers but I think these are important questions.

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