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James Moore

Hi Casandra...what a fascinating and thorough read. Thanks for sharing! I have to admit, some aspects are a bit humorous and frightening at the same time, too, although I have no doubt the facts are accurate.

Gone are the days of engaging with the live act in a direct human way, while possibly enjoying a beer and sharing the time with friends. I can see what you're describing in my mind's eye; rooms full of people glued to their iPhones, tweeting, texting, using apps, and even WATCHING STREAMS OF THE CONCERT THEY'RE AT! It's a funny thought, but no surprise. It's the same thing we see anywhere in public, on the train, etc. People are glued to technology at the moment and artists are going to have to find new ways of engaging that glued mind.

Enjoyed your writing!


Thanks James, good to get feedback!

Yep - I agree - it is scary in some respects. It's the sort of thing we would imagine happening in a distant, fictional future - but we're nearly there! :)


Nice analysis and write-up Casandra. I enjoyed reading it. I applaud new approaches and experiments such as holograms and pay-per-stream. How else would we find new ways to connect with fans?

I'm a big fan of raising awareness about live shows. I think with the increase in access to more music through streaming services, we discover more and more new artists that we didn't used to before. So we attended fewer shows for only the artists we were big fans of. I believe this is changing now. With so much access to music we enjoy more artists and even though we may not consider ourselves fans yet, we would be more open to seeing them live in more intimate settings for cheaper prices. I think this is a great direction for live music.

Also I read that report and the numbers I'm seeing are different. Is there a different report your numbers are coming from? This is the report link I was looking at: http://www.prsformusic.com/aboutus/corporateresources/reportsandpublications/addinguptheindustry2011/Documents/Economic%20Insight%2011%20Dec.pdf

"Live revenues reached £1.6bn in 2011 – which was a substantial increase from 2010's total of £1.4bn. Festivals and arena concerts are the most significant areas in the live music industry, each accounting for around 25 percent of the market. A dramatic increase in stadium concerts helped spur on growth in 2011."


Thank you! And I agree with your comments on seeing more artists, even if you're not a fan yet - I think it's a mix of factors: affordable tickets + a general positive attitude towards encouraging new talent and discovering the next big thing + the sheer amount of information and specialised sites directing you to these gigs etc

As for the figures and PRS claims, yes, they are indeed found in an earlier report, the one you have is very very recent. You can get the one I'm quoting here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7chbkwrqgcagf8f/AddingUpTheUKMusicIndustry2010.pdf - good for comparison!

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