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Timbre Scores $360K To Take Local Music Discovery App Global

image from www.imperialhustle.comBoostrapped live music discovery app Timbre, has scored $360,000 in seed funding from Fred Destin at Atlas, Boston Seed Capital’s Nicole Stata and Bantam Group’s Joe Caruso. The IOS app, often praised for it's simple design, is adding features and expanding to 34 countries.

The Timbre app launched in September of 2012 and scored 100,000 downloads in just 2 months with no marketing.

image from www.soundctrl.comIn addition to simplicity, another design decision that sets Timbre apart is that, while social sharing options are available, the app does not require users to login using Facebook. Direct sign up streamlines the onboarding of users, but is also increasingly seen as a smart choice for app developers concerned with dependence on Facebook.

The social giant has recently begun to block more apps that it sees as competitive. “I don’t think it’s a bad decision to use Facebook logins," CEO and founder Mark Kasdorf told TechCrunch," but for a number of reasons, it didn’t make sense for us to use it right now,” he says.

Timbre pulls concert dates using the SeatGeek API in the U.S. and's API in the rest of the world.  iTunes’s API provides short music previews and the option to buy tracks.  Ticketing links return some revenue, as well.

Artists and labels can learn about getting their concerts listed by emailing

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