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I think TuneCore better serves larger artists who benefit from not having a percentage of digital sales taken, and have the volume to not worry about the $50/yr maintenance fee which isn't fixed for life.

CDBaby's 9% equals to $555.55 in sales for an album per year in order for TuneCore to be beneficial. As long as your album sales have the stamina, TuneCore is beneficial. For smaller artists such as myself, TuneCore is not financially reasonable.

That said, if higher volume artists are on TuneCore because of the lack of a percentage fee, then of course they're going to have higher total volume.

I think something CDBaby could probably do is a tiered percentage system, where 9% comes out for your first, oh, $500 in sales on an album, and after that it drops down to 1%. That way they can also more consistently serve larger artists.


Are there any proof of these figures?
I havent seen anything released

Steven Finch

Its great to see the growth of this industry and for artists to now have the ability and choices to make much more money from their music.

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