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Ustream-logoThis week live streaming platform Ustream launched their Open Pay-Per-View (OPPV) program after extensive beta testing. The service is available to all Ustream users and requires no upfront costs with a 50/50 rev share. It sounds like a great opportunity for indie producers, DIY musicians and venues wishing to put on their own PPV events.

Ustream's announcement of Open Pay-per-view coincided with their presentation on Tuesday at SF MusicTech 2013. In addition, presentations and panels from SF MusicTech were streamed live on Ustream and highlights are now available for free viewing.


The above image from the PPV page on Ustream and a canned quote in the announcement from Ustream's Director of Product Marketing, Jordan Meyer, indicates that they are encouraging indie involvement:

"Since we launched pay-per-view in beta, we've also seen an increasing number of small, independent broadcasters who are finding success, proving that viewers are willing to pay for quality, niche content...Pay-per-view is a great addition to any real-world event -- if you're going to charge people entry into a concert or seminar, why not set up a camera and monetize the fans that can't make it in person?"

Key details from the Pay-Per-View FAQ:

You decide the pricing.

Broadcasters receive 50% of total ticket sales revenue.

Ustream covers all transaction and streaming costs.

Users can pay with any major credit card.

You're paid via PayPal between 30 to 60 days after broadcast.

You can embed PPV events on your website and your viewers can purchase tickets there as well.

Ustream does not currently support purchasing or viewing on their mobile app.

The broadcast requirements are the same as for any free Ustream event.

Archived PPV events are automatically sold separately via Video on Demand (VOD) and previously recorded events can be converted to VOD.

Ustream also offers free ad-supported and paid streaming options with embeddable channels for your site.


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