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Videogram Creates Free Comic-Style Display Of Images From Your Music Video

VideogramA new batch of businesses graduated from 500 Startups' accelerator program this week. One of them was Videogram, a product of Cinemacraft. Videogram takes your video upload or YouTube link and creates a comic-style grid of thumbnail pics from the video that can be embedded on other sites for promotional purposes. It looks like an interesting way to draw people in that goes beyond the single thumbnail typically on display in an embedded video.

Cinemacraft is the company behind Videogram. They launched the product in the fall before entering the 500 Startups accelerator program.

Videogram of Big Freedia's Y'all Get Back Now

Videogram is extremely simple to use. You can log in via Facebook or just go ahead and upload a video or paste in a YouTube url.

A few minutes later you get a link to your new Videogram via email. You can check it out on Videogram where you can also view it full screen or get an embed code for use as shown above.

Videogram allows you to use videos that are up to 2 hours in length and a file size up to 250 MB which is quite impressive for a free service.

The resulting image grid enables you to click on any image and begin viewing the video from that point. The Big Freedia video had both a preroll ad and popup ads within the video, none of which interfered with the process or showed up in the grid.

You can also use their free iOS app which seems to be getting some rather negative initial reactions but I think they started with the desktop version so hopefully that will catch up.

Nevertheless this seems like a great way to draw people into your video especially if there are a variety of different images and angles along the way.

Now don't make me tell you again!

Big Freedia - Y'all Get Back Now

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