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So true :)


Thanks to Charles Alexander of Outside the Box Music for inspiring this article. It's something that's been in the back of my mind, but Charles really brought it out in one of our great conversations.

Follow Charles on Twitter. He'll get your gears turning faster, too.


Thank you! Couldn't agree more with this.

Boris Korsun

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Musician Social Network


Is getting the word out not pretty much the main foundation of most aspects of the
industry? You want people to know about your tour/show, about your CD, about whatever it is that you as a musician are up too. A flyer tells someone about a show. An ad tells of a CD. Social media is a way to directly communicate with the fans. Social media isn't the be all end all, but this article short changes the importance of GOOD USE of social media. Emphasis on good use. Many musicians aren't using social media to the full potential and that's the problem.


I don't agree. I have a plan! Let's see if it works...


wes, this is a much-needed dose of reality for too many musicians who think that social media is a short cut, or a way to avoid doing the basic ground work of marketing. it does not replace publicity, or radio promotion, or marketing--it enhances it, something that too many techies simply won't admit or want to believe. but that is the ground level reality.

Janet Hansen

Couldn't agree more. As an industry publicist, I'm actually going back to the old-school methods in the practice of PR, using social media as a resource. SM is conversational, and as in real time conversation, you must truly separate truth from the bull, but it's much harder to do so here, than in person.

Pam Mark Hall

Balance - right? Blending old and new.


if I could your reply 'like', I would :)


Having just taken an artist with a HUGE social media pretense on for their first non-major release I can tell you for a fact that SM alone will only a move a few units and it takes a whole team working their collective asses with most of it being the ole fashion methods like calling, emailing and showing up at stores saying carry this please. There are no short cuts and SM is still only 6.5 years old so saying it's tired and true is just stupid.

PS getting rid of the payola in Radio is something that really need to be looked into cuz that is what is stopping more new artist breaking then any other factor.

Steve Birkett

Spot on. As someone heavily vested in utilizing social media, I still cringe when I see them touted as a single shot solution to whatever challenge an industry is facing.

Social platforms are channels and tools, not solutions in their own right. They can be powerful in deepening relationships with fans and better understanding what they desire, but will go nowhere without an overall direction that works alongside other marketing initiatives. Treat anyone who tells you otherwise with the greatest of suspicion.

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