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Manny Chien

Evidence please?

"music fans will always pay to gain access to the music they love"

and "music fans will always pay...to learn more about the people behind that music"

You mean like music fans paid cable companies for access to MTV? Or like music fans get free stuff from Spotify at lower and lower royalty rates? Something else?

Which music fans "always" pay who for what?

These sound like what my freshman English teacher called "glittering generalities", but would love to be wrong.

Pete Mitchell

Manny - I see what your saying and I think their may be some value to you freshman English teachers remarks about generalities, but I am confused by your comments.

People DO pay cable companies for MTV - right? MTV isn't a major network, so its not free - it might not be pay-per-view, but either way, doesn't make for a strong argument.

Also, the success of Spotify lies in the paid fan market - the free version is simply a gateway to the pay version... so again, what point are you trying to make?

If you are arguing that because a free market exists a paid market doesn't, than I am afraid your argument makes little to no sense. Free and paid markets are not mutually exclusive - they can co-exist. In fact, I would say that one way of summarizing your points and the points of the author is that there will ALWAYS be a free and paid market for music, and that one will always speak directly to other. I think you probably both agree more that you realize.

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