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Brian Gruber

Aw, Andrew Keen is a cuddly, fun guy. I loved the interview and despite his provocative playfulness, we were able to explore the key issues driving successful live concert streaming. Also, good catch: we do lots of world class jazz but we do the rest too: rock, folk, blues, all of it.

Clyde Smith

Glad you had a good experience with Keen!

I'll have to check it out to get more of your perspective.

That makes more sense on the genres given the focus on a large number of world class clubs. I did see mostly jazz acts on the site but then I saw some others as well and that's what clarified things for me.

Thanks for dropping by!

Brian Zisk

Thanks Clyde. :-)

It's actually the SF MusicTech Fund who invested, not the SF MusicTech Summit.

We're very psyched about ShowGo.TV.

Clyde Smith

Thanks. I knew it was the fund. Battling allergies and making more mistakes than usual. Probably for another two weeks! Yay!

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