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There is no better way to explain the impact on artists then to hear it from them. BTW FYE is an awesome store and for those that like Dawn Richard, they have the bouns version of #Goldenheart


I wanna have beers with this bro.


I think this is a good video and illustrates some nice points even though I may have some different views. Another way fans can also support bands that they download is by using Flattr, every bit counts.


$19 for a cd? That's why, genius. Boring video. They sound like Mrtallica to me. Hopefully this dude is the drummer.

Darryl Reeves

I think it would have been better just to simply make a video explaining that they're independent and ask for support along those grounds. I think you have to approach selling music now from the standpoint that no one owes you anything. Don't fuss at the fans.

Seth Goldstein

these "Musicians" SUFFOCATION are downright brutal! To make folk aware of their intensity, Look at their up coming tour dates...Hly Krapp!! Brutal... Their determination and effort deserves adulation and
R E S P E C T....Of all musicians....EVERYWHERE..... Fn BRUTAL!


Interesting video.

Agree with the sentiment.

Did he pay royalties for the tune playing in the background at the store?

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