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Not true. US ISPs work together to block IP addresses that broadcast spam. Reigning in illegal distribution of music, movies, software, games, TV shows and books is no different from a technology standpoint. What is different is that Google and ISPs PROFIT from piracy so they miselead the non-technical public into thinking that it is difficult to identify repeat infringers and to shut them off. In fact the law states that ISPs need to do just that. If ISPs were OBEYING THE LAW (17 USC 512 (i)) and shutting of repeat BitTorrent seeders than this conversation would be over.


sorry but you are living in cloud cuckoo land and are obviously on the RIAA, BPI or MPAA pr payroll

the argument that google and ISP's profit from piracy is absolutely a ludicrus argument - remember the old days of "home taping is killing music" ? the other fact to remember here is that the U.S. is not the only country in the world with that new fangled thing called the tinterweb - the cat is out the bag and no matter how many people (their potential customers) the labels try and sue or isp's throttle it is NOT going to go away

the intelligent artists and labels USE bit torrent to their advantage

"piracy" is now down because ease of use to actually get music fairly is up - some people just dont get how the real world works


There is NOTHING TO RETHINK. Distributing someone elses content without their consent and profiting from it without fair compensation is WRONG.


Musicians do not need pirate sites for exposure. The interent provides plenty of opportunities for musicians wherin it is the musicians choice how and if they want that exposure.


Well We have Tunecore now and they do not take a % of what You earn.. The Problem is that all it takes is One person to buy a Single for $1 and they can leak it to 10000 people as a Free download.. Me as a Producer/Artist think the Industry is doomed.. Unless You are willing to learn to dj and play your midi controllers live to your production and charge tickets at the door of a Pub which is like $15 at the door to 40 people,it is still pretty shit.. Sydney Australia.. FREDDY CRUIZER

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