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David M

Interesting name choice. Do they know that NextBigSound is already a music company with $6M in funding?

Suzanne Lainson

I just checked it out. It looks like there's more music publicity news than music business news. So it might be more of interest for people wanting news about artists than about music business (which is my particular interest). But artist news can be further broken down by artist and genre. So hardcore fans might seek out sites which focus on those individual artists or genres.

Most music news seems to fall into these three categories:

1. Music news for industry people or who follow the industry.

2. How-to articles directed at musicians.

3. Music articles for fans.


reddit has all these components and massive scale, with a capitol m. The beauty of it is that they have literally millions of "sub-reddits" that are effectively dynamic pages built around content topics that get created every single day. A major challenge to monetize (as they would need to be updated manually in the adserver/exchange) and for non savvy users unaccustomed to the reddit experience, the conversations can be extremely difficult to find.

If Tyler & the folks at NBT can tackle that piece they should be on good ground. Best of luck & have fun!

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