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"offering access to artists" - Which artists does Red Bull own that are not usable for all through musicservice APIs?

Clyde Smith


As in direct human access? Remember that?

Or, less personally, encouragement to be involved with one's product.

You know, that thing that most music tech startups are currently failing to do which is why most music tech startups are failing.

To be clear: I'm not talking about streaming music startups or any effort that doesn't require actual involvement of artists to succeed. Obviously most hackday efforts are using APIs and similar tools that don't require human involvement beyond the programmer.

But cute hacks are a dime a dozen. Very few represent a potential business. Fewer still involve individuals who think in a business-like manner. That's one reason I mostly don't cover them any more.

Clyde Smith

But I can see why you'd raise that point given that they do talk about hacks and that most hacks seem to use Spotify or similar APIs to get music.

It will be interesting to see how they handle that. It's hard to know for sure from what they've released. But building a company off a 3rd party API is a setup for disaster as we're seeing with so many companies built off Twitter.


Agree... But my main question was actully: What can Red Bull provide if its not money? I dont see their position as strong. New startups need mainstream artists to gain a proper markedposition. And from what I know Red Bull is indie-only

Clyde Smith

That depends on the startup. Most of the ones I cover are focused on indie and DIY artists.

And many of them seek to address a two-sided market, fans and indie artists, and fail to do so.

So what they are lacking is exactly what Red Bull is seeking to provide.

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