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Awesome article, Brenna. Very thorough examination.

These are all great advancements in generating more value for artists from these streaming services, but the honest truth is that no company will be truly great at delivering value for artists unless it equates to money in their pocket. They'll be as artist friendly as they have to be to stop the complaints about their low payouts, but continuous innovation in delivering value to artists requires that the artists be your client, not the bait with which you lure in your paying customers.

Beatsuite.com Music Library

We're huge fans of Spotify!


I guess I get why artist wouldn't be too happy about this but I love streaming music, its such a great way to get exposed to new artists and songs! I use a free service called Torch Music and I love it!


This is an extremely well researched and largely unbiased article. I am a passionate music listener who uses Pandora to discover new music and then goes to BUY that physical CD of that artist.

The problem with royalties and eventual payments to the artists from these subscription services becomes a lot more acute and evident only when this method of consuming music becomes the norm. It is a gradual path to get there but this generation is definitely heading there. We will be there soon. When that happens, there will not be any more artists making music because there is nobody paying them sufficiently.

This business model has to be revised to better aid the artist.

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