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I wanted to like this and have been looking forward to this kind of thing, but I don't think it's very good. First impressions:

1) The picture quality is bad. MTV was good because the quality was always perfect.

2) Loading videos takes a long time sometimes and they halt randomly during playback and start buffering. The service will fail if this happens to people.

3) I loaded vevo.tv on my iPhone and my Mac, and the videos weren't in even almost in sync.

4) You can't vote or rate the currently-playing video, so they have no idea if people are liking what they're playing. It's 2013, not 1997. I can even do this on this random music TV channel on my local cable.

5) The videos label show automatically at the start of the video, but not the end.

6) Maybe I just caught it at a boring time, but there needs to be a human introducing some of the videos so we at least feel like we're watching live TV. This just feels like YouTube videos on shuffle.

Michael Cerda

1. picture quality - it's actually beautiful so your comment concerns me. What were you viewing on

2. and on what speed Internet?

3. sync is pretty close, but we're working out kinks as expected. This is IP not broadcast TV. We're doing something that hasn't really been done before so it will take a minute to get it real tight.

4. voting is an obvious future here, but we didn't want to burden the viewer with work or decisions to make day 1. We'll learn from viewer feedback like this though.

5. the video label - I'll be curious to see how many people really want to see that label pop up at the end. You can always see what the video is on hover.

6. Human jockeys, sure, we're thinking about that.


Hy Michael,
all this going on in the vevo wrld sounds very nice.
I' d love to get in touch with you espeially as regards points 6.
Here's my mail

Keep rocking..

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