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image from www.gannett-cdn.comNew online publication TheTalkhouse starts with a simple premise: musicians from all genres and generations writing about the latest releases. There's a also twist: the artists being written about will comment back. It's all the brainchild of respected author and music writer Michael Azerrad and former CMJ Managing Editor Michael Tedder.

TheTalkhouse will offer one new pairing each day. For the debut, Thursday lead singer Geoff Rickly  expounds on Cult Of Youth; and the band's Michael Tedder responds with a bit about making the album came and carbing out a living as a creative.

"On one hand, there is no golden ticket, and opportunities for people to make a comfortable living off of their music are virtually nonexistent...

Speculation as to whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is virtually useless since it simply is what it is. Those of us who need to create will continue to do so no matter what the cost. Whether we like it or not, we simple don’t have a choice."

It's too early to tell, but that kind of exchange, while not exactly revolutionary, could make TheTalkhouse a worthy daily read.

"The idea is promote dialogue between musicians who may never have interacted otherwise, and for Talkhouse readers to have a ringside seat to this unique exchange," the founders said in a their launch statement. So far, I like view.