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Bart W

Rights holders get paid when VEVO streams their music/video.

Rights Holders get a good shot at making a sale when iTunes 30 second clips are played with links to buy song.

What do rights holders get when their song is streamed from SoundCloud? Nothing. In fact, rights holders have to pay SoundCloud to host the music.

I'm not that smart, but does the industry realize what is going on here? Why do the record labels put their music on SoundCloud? Not only do they not get paid, but how many paid streams does it cannibalize?

Am I missing something? Honestly, who would've thought in all of this angst over how little per stream artists are getting paid, that there would be a growing company that pays them zero and actually charges them for the privilege.


I think you're right Bart, which is why I use Soundcloud as a tool for showing off clips or past professional work (sound design and original music for theatre / ads etc) and it seems this is how many people use it.

I look to Bandcamp and TuneCore when I am trying to sell my music.

Soundcloud's recent changes, with the "Stream", which plays random 'related' music after the music you chose: I still find this as terrible and patronising as it was when Myspace did it. Note to Soundcloud: Please stop this!

Which is probably why I am not too excited about Twitter doing something similar.

On the other hand it could help bring more music to people. I'm sitting on the fence with this one.


Good point.

So if this twitter service gets used a lot, I would expect that established artists would remove their stuff entirely from soudncloud (which doesn't pay them when it gets streamed through Twitter) so that stream requests get fulfilled by VEVO (which does pay them when it gets streamed through Twitter), or iTunes (which lets people buy the music.

This might not be a good thing for SoundCloud, I suppose.

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