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Where Are My Fans? Study Shows Social Sites Deliver Differing Demos

image from cte.umd.eduThe social media audience is large and diverse: 163.5 million in the US and growing. Overall 72% of Hispanics identify themselves as social media users vs. 68% of blacks and 65% of whites; and 10% more women than men are social
networkers : 71% vs. 62%. But different social networks also attract different audiences.

Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram Are Popular With Differing Demographics

Social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest seem to be attracting a particularly diverse coalition of users, according to an eMarketer analysis of a Pew study. Black internet users were significantly more likely than average to use Twitter – 16% of internet users overall vs. 26% of black internet users. Hispanics  were also slightly overrepresented at 19%.

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The study also found demos differing even more on photo-sharing service Instagram.

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The study also showed that Pinterest users we mostly female and skewed younger.

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