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Whyd Adds Community & Discovery To Music Collections, Free Invites To Hypebot Readers

Whyd-logoWhen Whyd launched in November of last year the web had already been flooded with a number of sites that allowed you to save and listen to music via services like YouTube and SoundCloud. At the time I felt a bit glazed but Whyd has continued to develop and has become one of the standouts in this area. Though it's still invitation only, check the end of the post for your invite, Hypebot reader.

In January of 2012, I first covered Musicplayr, a service with many similarities to Whyd. I noted that it was becoming difficult to sort out all the services that used YouTube and SoundCloud, in particular, as a source of free streaming music collections on the web. Since then many of the entrants from that period have fallen by the wayside while Musicplayr has continued to develop and grow.

Adding Music to Whyd Using the Whyd Track Button

When Whyd launched out of beta in November, I mentioned it but took a wait and see attitude. At the time the bookmarking elements seemed to stand out for most folks.

Since then Whyd has been fleshing out its offering and added such music community and discovery features as:

Members Similar to You (need to be logged in) - "Matching other Whyd music lovers depending on how similar their profile is to you based upon the bands you’ve added and other actions."

Featured Members - "These are the Whyd community members who gives us some of their time to talk about their musical projects. All of them spend dangerous amounts of time seeking out the best of the newest music."

World Whyd Ranking - "The most influential music lovers on the platform right now. The rankings are constantly in fluctuation depending on your activity and the way the Whyd community responds to the music you share."

Connect With Your Facebook Friends (need to be logged in) - "An easy way to connect with Facebook to see your friends who are already on Whyd so you can check out their music too!"

In the process Whyd has maintained a simple clean interface that should be appealing to new users.

Whyd has a search function that allows you to find tracks on Whyd, YouTube and SoundCloud. But you can also bookmark music from sources such as Vimeo and MP3 blogs which can then be played and shared from your Whyd account. See above video for more on bookmarking.

There's live onscreen help chat with a quick response which I found useful. So that's a nice touch.

For whatever reason this space seems to be heating up again with Songdrop as an even newer entrant. Clearly users will be drawn by such issues as design and functionality. Whyd strikes me as the simplest option of the three at this stage but that can be a good thing in this age of Interface Overload.

You can find out more on the Whyd homepage or via the Whyd blog.

Whyd Invite for Hypebot Readers


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