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10 Reasons Why Macklemore Should Throw His Own Festival

MacklemoreBy indie rapper Kosha Dillz (@koshadillz).

So…the other day I thought to myself..MACKLEFEST. Actually. It didn't happen just like that.

I was flying from San Francisco to Minneapolis first class. I asked the lady if I could sit up front and she printed me a ticket and poof, I was there. Crazier things have happened. Being that I didn't sleep last night, I got to the airport, randomly met Maseo of De La Soul while checking in and headed to my plane.

Crazier things have happened though really.

At some point I passed out and Macklemore ended up my dream and it consisted of me trying to go on tour with him for the entire dream but I was too afraid to be that dude who asks. (at least in the dream not in real life) Then I thought, "How I can not be annoying and think of something awesome? How can I take my self-centeredness as a determined and ambitious artist away from all the bullshit" and make something "fucking awesome" (in Wanz voice).

I thought I should write this article about 10 reasons Macklemore needs to throw his own music festival if he won't run for public office. Way more fun than wondering why an artist doesn't pick you to go on tour with them.

Macklefest - A Festival of Awesome

1. Independent music and creativity will thrive forever and he is our catalyst.

Murs passes him the torch Northwest. Be the first Gold artist to do it. Give us hope! Instead of Slug of Atmosphere's voice over the loudspeakers like Sound Set, it'll be Wanz' voice "A Festival of Awesome."

2. He can finally book all his talented friends who he has played with since 2005 that are still hustling and earning fans.

There are so many of us who want to tour with him, record with him. This is a great way to rock it. I am sort of using this model because I'm sure at least 2000 people have applied for that job. Book the artists without booking agents!

3. Opportunity to have a festival that benefits Addicts in Recovery and Gay Rights.

Macklemore will be the first to give to charities that are different than any other festival that exists. I think that is one reason why. His Rolling Stone article probably got 500 people to attend their first 12 step meeting. That's minimum! It got 500 more people to return to them and planted the seed for 2000 people in the future.

4. He has enough money to book interesting acts even if it fails one year and loses financially.

For instance; he'd book Suga Free in the North West which is really tight. He'd probably book Champagne Champagne. It'd be a like a combo of Warped Tour and thug rap. He can even book Nardwuar's band. Maybe Murs can host it! Who cares. He'll do a special set and make a super jam session like Bonnaroo. (Macklemoo)

5. He'd get support from all the festivals that he has played in the area.

Paid Dues, Rock The Bells, Sasquatch, Outside Lands and all the others support this guy. They'd appreciate what he is doing so they would help him promote it because of how much he has helped them.

6. He would be the answer to Soundset Festival and Paid Dues Festival in the Northwest.

It'd be a different mix of all the things he has done and different kind of music, along the way. There would be big sponsors tabling and the underground kids that don't have as much setting up a table with hopes of playing in the future.

7. New fans that never knew anything about hip hop but Macklemore would be educated!

It's true. The amount of fans has grown and it could be something monumental. I think no one in history at his level of fame has curated his own festival. If Macklemore throws his own festival, it'd be like his own show he always wanted to have but couldn't.

8. Wanz could play a solo set in front of thousands and so could all his album guests.

With an interview in XXL already, this guy could get all the shine he deserves. 51 year old software engineer story is way more awesome than any other story. It's like the anthem of every man who has a job. The gals who sing on his album are epic like Mary Lambert and Hollis.

9. He could invite the old Seattle Supersonics to play a pick up game.

With the pride he has in his city, why not bring back the most epic team ever for a pick up game on the side? Maybe if they can't do that, he can have Shawn Kemp host a stage.

10. Ellen DeGeneres could volunteer to speak and host.

This came to me late, but it'll be the only place for someone who has enough juice to make things happen like this. Ellen DeGeneres, Suga Free and Blue Scholars?

Only at Macklefest - a festival of AWESOME. It's impossible to happen anywhere else.

Extra Credit: (#11)

I WOULD SOMEHOW FREESTYLE ON STAGE@ Macklefest and play "Hangin' Out."

So yeah, I came up with this article because I'm on this place wondering where my awesome album is (It's COMING!) and this article was a cool way to figure out how to get out of my head at the current moment. I also suffer from self obsession and narcissism and career depression on occasion like all artists and by sharing my ideas and knowledge I can put a smile on someone else's face.

Wendy Day hit me up last time to share my knowledge and it felt good to know that people are paying attention to something I do for free. A famous person once said, "You can only keep what you have by giving it away."

So in the famous words of Red Hot Chili Peppers, GIVE IT AWAY GIVE IT AWAY GIVE IT AWAY NOW.