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Rule #1 - get there early is a real eye opener, not really what you would expect. As you have a long day to enjoy the performances.


Rule #1 sounds nice, in theory. However, after enduring 3 days of camping at Coachella this past weekend, there is NO way to attend before 6:00 pm and survive into the evening...unless you are fueled by crazy hippy energy AND possess immunity to 100 degree heat with "extreme" UV index levels.

I am all about indie music, which is precisely why I was disappointed: I could not see the bands I wanted to because it was just too.damn.hot.

If you appreciate incredible live shows and want an authentic music festival experience, Coachella is NOT the place for you. You would be better off spending $400 on another festival(s) or on separate concerts. I for one will be attending Outside Lands at Golden Gate Park in early August.

Cheers and happy summer concert season!

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