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Still waiting on one GOOD reason for this trend. I've been asking since 2009 and haven't heard one yet.


Sirlordford: it has longer longevity than CD, is cheaper than vinyl.


Not a chance it has a longer shell-life than a CD. I know because I have manufactured both. It is typically cheaper than vinyl and a much poorer format than both.


It is more durable than a CD, typically making it last longer. The option for custom art (physically painting the cassette and numbering) without it looking stupid is something you don't get with a CD. The potential for theft and mass production is lowered since it is not something you can toss into a laptop. Recording straight to cassette is also an option, which allows artists to bypass the 1's and 0's. No mastering, no waiting, no computer crashing. Also, CD's are culturally seen as inexpensive/cheap and something that should be obtained for free. However, neither CD or cassette formats care whether you like them or not, so there's that. Some people like cassettes. Stop hating, nobody said you had to buy them.


BRAVE MYSTERIES is the best cassette label going these days.


I disagree with every last thing you have written and unless you are under 25 years old the idea of a CD seeming cheap but not a cassette is silly. Why is it that no one liked cassettes 10 years ago? I currently have over 1500 cassettes but I certainly don't intend to purchase anymore.

You're coming across as so single minded right now. Have you never stopped to consider some people actually enjoy this as a format? I didn't think so. Stop being such a whiney bitch, it's 2013 man - people can do whatever they want.


I sure hope they do a fucking ass-kicking comeback, I've been waiting a lot of time for this, due to here in Chile this fuckers don't produce cassettes anymore so it could be sweet as a my little pony's pussy.

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