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Brian Hazard


Carl Jacobson

I'm really surprised that PledgeMusic wasn't mentioned here. They might have the most comprehensive Pre-Order offering for musicians.

Clyde Smith


Clyde Smith

I did consider PledgeMusic but it's part of such a larger, more involved process that I decided not to.

But I appreciate your adding them to the possibilities.

Besides I haven't asked if they use that word or not. Benji's touchy about terminology!

I'm kind of kidding there but he does regularly hold cover regarding how it's not crowdfunding to differentiate their total experience so I imagine he would have to say the same thing about pre-sales to be consistent with his differentiation argument.

Not that I'd let that stop me from describing pre-orders as part of their total package!

Brian Nguyen

Thanks for the mention! Happy to help anyone setup pre-orders or answer any questions. Just drop me a note at brian@trycelery.com



Clyde Smith

I had no idea. These companies should make it clearer on their FAQs and pre-sales info. It's going to be a bigger feature for people moving forward.

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