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FanSource FAIL: Multiple Musicians Promote With Fan Content, Forget Concept Of Sharing [Updated]

Black-angels-indigo-meadowTurning to one's fans for content is now a well-established practice both to involve fans and to generate content with a less polished, more human feel. Luke Bryan's rather simple music video for "Just A Sip" is probably the strongest example of the three shared here. Alicia Keys is offering concert tickets and special passes in exchange for Tumblr photo posts while The Black Angels recently solicited Instagram pics to integrate into their Pitchfork Advance album stream.

Opening Note: General FAIL

None of these projects provided embeddable media for bloggers and other parasites of the media world to spread the word after the fact. I could have taken a screen-shot of something but none of the content was that compelling and, hey, who wants to be mistaken for a pirate in these troubled times?

More importantly, fans don't have content to share outside of the walls of such enclosed compounds as unembeddable music videos, Tumblr and Instagram. Clearly these actions were designed to drive initial sales without regard for longer term rewards. Think it through, people!

Update: I've been informed that The Black Angels Pitchfork Advance was embeddable during the campaign. So it was temporarily shareable though it's no longer available.

Also, given the size and popularity of Tumblr and Instagram, there are certainly benefits from doing campaigns within those borders. However, the Pitchfork Advance campaign for Black Angels is no longer available. Tumblr and Instagram are no longer new and no longer reach everyone. I still feel the issue of long term branding remains though obviously some campaigns are meant to be limited.

Key phrase: "after the fact." Bandwidth on the web is so cheap and so available at this point in history that certain limits just don't make sense.

Luke Bryan Integrates Fan Webcam Pics Into Music Video

Country musician Luke Bryan released a video for his song "Just A Sip," about making it through the week with the support of alcohol featuring integrated webcam pics of fans.

It's actually a smart fan integration featured at this website. Fans were given these guidelines:

  • We’ll show you a frame from the music video.
  • You copy the pose with your webcam.
  • We add your image to the music video!

The video itself is organized around Luke Bryan doing simple poses to illustrate the lyrics. If the fan didn't like their initial post, they could try again.

The result is a down-home drinking song video featuring images that apparently weren't screened for age, I saw at least one youngster and plenty who may or may not be under 21, and there doesn't seem to be an age-related prompt for participation which raises some interesting issues.

Perhaps that's why there isn't an embedded version available on the site and there's no upload to be found on YouTube. Or it could be just a total failure at getting the viral part right.

Alicia Keys Solicits Tour Fan Photographers

Alicia Keys is currently on tour and she's picking a fan via Tumblr to document each show:

"The unbelievable art, photos and GIFs that the Tumblr community create and share every day, truly inspires me. Tumblr is one of my absolute favorites! Love how each person has their own world! So, I am super excited to announce that I will be partnering with Tumblr for my 'Set The World On Fire' tour."

"With each stop along the tour, I will invite one incredible artist from the Tumblr community to document the show. That artist will bring the show and their talents to life in the way only a Tumblr user knows how. To enter, submit an original post below and check which tour stop you'd like to document. Show me how you shine! Can't wait to meet you all on this tour!"

Each photographer chosen gets a "photo pass, two tickets to the show and two meet and greet passes."

Photos are being posted on Alicia Keys' Tumblr and there may still be time to submit for later tour dates.

"Tumblr Music Evangelist" Nate Auerback shared some thoughts on connecting with audiences via Tumblr including:

"It helps to have a team like Alicia’s that can help narrow down the search."

That would be nice.

Given the viral nature of Tumblr, this campaign benefits the most from sharing but still limits itself unnecessarily.

The Black Angels Adds Fan Photos To Pitchfork Advance Stream

The Black Angels recently streamed their new album "Indigo Meadow" on Pitchfork Advance and solicited fan photos to be delivered via Instagram:

"Instagram photos submitted by fans accompany album lyrics and the online stream at Pitchfork in one visually stunning package. The band released a call to action to their fans to participate in the contest by posting an image of their own conceptual interpretation of Indigo Meadow on Instagram, using the hashtag #indigomeadow."

Unfortunately the stream is no longer available and tagged photos via Statigram present mostly a sad array of album cover pics and shots of bandsite content from the web.

In Closing:

Please see opening note at beginning of post.

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