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Bock Choy

So many of those chapters are for 'beginners'.

I'd like to see a book like this for bands who already have a bit of experience and want to TRULY know who the right companies are to hire for marketing and promotion.

Alex Day

Over 40 chapters and there isn't a single one on writing great songs; which is really the only thing that matters and the only strategy that works. Not just 'audio quality': that's like mastering a bad film in HD. A good 'release strategy' will not save a bad song. If you put out something really great, it'll spread. It's a shame they couldn't even dedicate a sliver of the book to the quality of the music, given that it's a book written for musicians.


Chapter 16 & 36 should be combined.

Also, I hope tha chapters 34-35 mention MCN's...if not then this book is already out of sync with the market.


Actually we go through both levels, if you go download the excerpt of our book @ getmorefansbook.com, you can see we do just that. As the chapters progress we recommend services and tactics for those with aestablished fanbases.


Hey Alex,
First off, I do discuss this and to be honest I wrote 300 pages we took out of this book on songwriting and finding your voice as a group. I decided to make it a separate book that I will probably release for free or a few dollars later this year.

Secondly, I adress this fact and agree with you, but there is so much more to the promoting a song and taking it as far as possible once you have a great song. This focuses on what you can do after you write a great song. In fact, you are even cited inside the book as a great example of building relationships with fans. I would love to get you a copy so you can see for yourself. Feel free to hit me up @jessecannon on Twitter and I will get you one.


great job, guys. judge the whole book on short chapter titles. its not a book about songwriting. i heard they're writing a whole different book on that.

I've read the PDF and there's some pretty amazing material in there that i haven't seen elsewhere. I'm gonna pick up a copy.


If you need a book to tell you how to write great songs, you may want to rethink your music career anyway. Just sayin...

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