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I could easily imagine listening or saving links to some of these, depending on the playlist. GS should give the broadcasters a blurb to describe what they in particular are about and some way to search them.


"Fine, if you love Green Day, but clearly breaking U.S. laws that Pandora and others operate under that limit the number of songs from a single album and artist that can be played in a broadcast stream hour."

Pandora is limited, true; others, not necessarily.

Pandora and Grooveshark work on different licensing models—or are at least supposed to. Pandora is essentially a radio license, which limits the number of plays and skips per track. Grooveshark is a music-on-demand service like Rdio, MOG or Spotify. Their customers pay a much higher subscription than Pandora, which pays for less restricted streaming.

What makes Grooveshark legally questionable (and, yes, probably illegal) is their narrower range of licensees. They have a contract with Merlin, a consortium of thousands of indie labels. They don't have contracts with the Big Three, but regularly offer tracks by major label artists (including ones who've never made their content available for streaming through any service, e.g. Led Zeppelin), and typically re-list them shortly after a DMCA takedown request. Though Grooveshark as tried to get deals with the majors in the past, but now they've burned too many bridges for that to happen.

Panou Urban

Hi! I have the following problem: When I broadcast my station I can see on my right sidebar whenever a new listener joins. However, when I click on the listener's name to find about his/her preferences or to add as friend etc., sometimes I find, to my surprise, that he/she is in broadcast with another station, not mine. I check back, the listener is still on my sidebar! Is there any chance to fix this?

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