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It could have been done but they aren't going about it the right way. The site is garbage!


Sounds like they are recruiting teens - using a cluster of "like" so many times during the interview.

The site is garbage, as 'anonymous' says. Actually, it is an embarrassment to have spent so much money and done such an awful job.

I have tried, but it's not very straightforward in terms of navigation, or how the whole thing works. I'm no luddite.

Michele Ari

I finally deleted my account after years of being on there then, of course, they relaunched it. So I am back and hopeful only I haven't a clue how to use it past clicking the "connect" link. What to do once you are there is not explained well as far as I can see. That seems to be the biggest missing first step.

Dippy C

I LOVE this article.

So Joseph Patel plans on bribing potential users with concert tickets? Sweeeeeet. One fan at a time, homie.

The 'music industry experts' they decide to bring onboard include a record producer, a guy who picks songs for TV shows, and Time Magazine's 'Face of Generation X'.

What a joke.


no no no people. new myspace is cool. you just have to give it a try and you will love it.

with the new myspace you can find new artist and new songs. before the new myspace i would go to soundcloud,internet radio and mtv artist. just to look for new music and new artist.

now with the new myspace i can find everything in one place.

checkout www.newmyspacecover.com for all cover images.


Ehhh no.... The New Myspace has the exact same old content in a prettier bud very non-standard site. You cant find everything in that place. For that streamingservices like Spotify are by far better.

Alain Pernot

MySpace was bought by Justin & co for the sole purpose of promoting his own career... Think about it? If so many became aware of JT's new release, it is in huge part because of the new myspace simultaneous release with JT's new album... 200+ million accounts is not a bad start to create a buzz! Most of those accounts are not active you will say... But how many didn't go check it out of curiosity to then come face to face with the fullscreen JT publicity? If they really wanted to revive the new MySpace they would have transferred all the old accounts!!! It is obvious that the $ the new JT album & tour will regenerate will cover the purchase and make the new MySpace a great tax write off... Great business thinking!

Anthony Calixto

How are they going about it the wrong way? And how is the site garbage?...

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