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I connected my Twitter account to the new Twitter music as I follow quite a lot of indie artists and was rather shocked to discover that it thinks I am only following 4 musical acts at the moment. It doesn't even have all of the artists I follow who have verified accounts and it has precisely none of the ones I follow who don't. Yet I'm pretty sure the vast majority can be found on all major music services that this app links to!

Obviously we're in the early stages here, but even so I'd hardly rate this as a music discovery tool just yet, as it seems the only artists currently on the service are those who are already fairly well known in the mainstream. As to how the rest get on it? I've already seen several asking as even they have no idea.

Ryan Getz

I did a little write up for twitter #music for I AM TUNED UP. I like it so far but worry a bit about its staying power. http://iamtunedup.com/2013/04/20/preliminary-thoughts-on-twitter-music/

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