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Derrick Fung

Thanks for the shout out!

C Lew

I agree with the problems being described and agree that this website might be able to solve some of the issues. Until the site starts generating significant traffic, however, it'll be a hard sell to get bands to pay money to submit for play on the site.


I don't think the solution is going to be from the TOP down... I think the real solutions are going to come from the bottom UP.

Startups and big brands control all the music streaming money. Theres no money in the music industry. The real solution is going to come from and WHEN artists and musicians CREATE new value, and learn how to use the tools to do what they love for those that love what they do.

I just wrote an open letter to the DIY community called The MusicPreneur Manifesto. Anyone who's interested-can get it for free-from here. http://www.jamieleger.com/the-musicpreneur-manifesto

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